Short+Sweet Theatre & Cabaret QLD Festival
Touring Show Finished 28/09/2014

Short+Sweet Theatre & Cabaret Program

Short+Sweet Program


Une Soirée avec Coco Chanel

by Theatre LOTE Fantastique!

written & performed by Louise Hall

original direction by Kerry Casey with additional direction by Louise Hall

Explores how Chanel’s personal life influenced her work as a designer and business woman. Coco appears to the audience as a "Living legend" ie. someone who has already died but lives on in the world with "legendary" status. Be prepared to participate in the stories of this larger than life woman!



The Dilemma of Men

written by Genevieve Beverley & Petah Chapman

performed by Genevieve Beverley & Petah Chapman (vocals) with Stephen Cuttriss (piano)

MEN, we spend hours thinking about them, we create dramas surrounding them, we chase them ceaselessly, we love them, we hate them and we can't get enough of them. This is The Dilemma of Men. Two women, friends from childhood, meet in a bar after five years apart. Their life paths have taken them in different directions, one to a career and the other to a committed relationship. They have so much to catch-up on as they exchange their thoughts concerning love and life.



written & performed by Petah Chapman

Hailing from the rolling green hills of Far North Queensland, Petah Chapman has been training in Opera singing for four years but still retains her folk inspired songwriting style. She and her guitar will charm you with songs about moments of impact – the good and the bad.



performed by Tim Byrnes

Tim is weird. Very, very weird. But he’d like to become friends with you. All of you! Please play with Tim.



Bad Apples

by Clay English

"When Adam met Eve…"



Almost Perfect

conceived by Shanon Whitelock & Jessica Papst

music director: Shanon Whitelock

performed by Jessica Papst

Unless you have 1000 Twitter followers, you might as well forget it. Nina isn’t skinny/pretty/indie/experienced/young/old/symmetrical enough, but she’s really freakin' talented. Even so, she’s almost always never quite right. This industry can be a cruel mistress when you're almost perfect.




written by Belinda Hanne Reid

directed by Belinda Hanne Reid and Scott Hollingsworth

performed by Belinda Hanne Reid

Belinda is definitely a woman, but she isn't quite sure what that means. Join her as she takes a fun and poignant look at what it is to be ladylike (or not) in a post-Kardashian world.




Merry Fecking Christmas

by Underground Productions

written by Estelle Snowball

directed by Amie Rankin & Estelle Snowball

performed by Rebecca Condon, Rebecca Lamb, Ross Mcdonnell-Staff, Nicole Miller, Sarah Parkin & Trevor Sammon

The weather outside is frightful, and the fire is delightful. Another Christmas with the family where everyone has eaten too much and someone has just opened another whisky. However, when an unexpected guest arrives this will become a Christmas like no other before.



Triple Zero

by Conspire Isis Theatre Ensemble

written & directed by Natisha Strudwick

performed by Ruby Newport, Dianna Paddick & Eli Bryant

Police will be there soon… Hold on… Be strong…




by L. B. Franx

written, directed & performed by Lucy Hutton

This is a story about a girl imprisoned by her perceptions, attempting to numb them with solitude. But her fight for a comfortable survival is put to the test with every knock at the door from an unknown visitor.



In a Nutshell

by Spangled Aura Productions

written, directed & performed by Sarah Gooda & Chris Howard

Ben is in denial. At 25, he has gone through his adult life believing that girlfriends and jobs don't realise his potential. But when he goes to see a therapist, nothing is off limits, from his mother, to sex, to a very strange relationship with steak sandwiches.



Such an Innocent Face

by Purple Pear Productions

written & directed by Monette Lee

performed by Celina Maddison, Owen Green, Henry Lang, Isabel Yamazaki, Elle Ninness, & Oscar Allen

A body lies dead in a room, police and forensics arrive to investigate, and all seems to be straight-forward crime solving until the spiritual medium arrives and speaks to the ghost.



Climate Change

by Mark Andrew

directed by Terence Burns

performed by Charnstar Anderson, Dani Hahn & Alex Seager

What would you do if you won the lottery?



Morning Glory

by Mark Grzic

directed by Clay English

performed by Clay English, Jermia Turner, Brock Dunstan & Stacey De Waard

Josh cheats on his girlfriend with Tara. In the morning, his girlfriend arrives. A near-naked Tara gets thrown into housemate Matt's bedroom while Josh covers his tracks. Matt and Tara are forced to go along with Josh's story - though Matt questions Tara's choices in life.



A Play on Sayings

written by Adam Hasa

directed by Lachlan Dalby

assistant director: Adam Hasa

A fresh take on the incorporation of various phrases and sayings of the English language integrated into the day and life of a teenage boy in his dealings with friends and family.




Dwelling Divas

by Multiplay Entertainment

written & directed by Jodie-Joy

performed by Jodie-Joy & Kathleen Maloney

In this day and age many industry performers have a touch of the small poppy syndrome. From opera to popular stage tunes these dwelling divas fight it out. Theindustry has taught them to compete rather than collaborate, battling in song constantly for the lead role and their men! But will it end in another bitter vocal spat or will they learn to appreciatetheir differences and respect one another’s talents?



Love is the Drug

written by Margi & Rori Tudor

directed by Rori Tudor

performed by Margi Tudor & Rori Tudor

Iria, desperate to abandon her life as a madame in the slums of Rio de Janeiro, hires Verônica, a young woman with no future. The unlikely companionship of the two become thesaviour to their happiness.



Odd One Out

by Out One Out

with thanks to David Megarrity & Ellen-Rose Sorensen

performed by Simone Quaglia, Gabriella Quaglia, Daniel Quaglia & Rebecca Hull

Four piece newly established Brisbane band. They have always been an 'odd one out'. They may be odd but they are original, off-centre and nothing is off limits for these four offsiders.



RSVP by 30

written by Cassandra Croucher

musical director: Stephanie Lindsdell

performed by Cassandra Croucher & Stephanie Linsdell

Kate is rapidly approaching 30; and she’s totally OK with it. She’s not worried about the extermination of her supple skin and taut waistline. Giving up the free-range irresponsibility of her 20s to get married and have children-pffft- not even fazed. And she’s certainly not concerned about tonight hosting the biggest party she’s had since her 21st- where no one showed up. Yep…everything’s going to be just fine…




by Stephanie Taylor

directed by Danielle Carney

musical director: Matthew Samer

performed by Stephanie Taylor

Dianne married David. Dianne is not happy living out her life in their mansion. Dianne falls in love with Jimmy. A man so wonderfully funny, so perfectly cute, so talented with his Jerry Seinfeld impressions, she decides she will leave David to marry Jimmy. Sounds like the perfect new start for Dianne … if Jimmy wasn't a figment of her imagination.



It’s a Man’s World

by Kym Brown

performed by Kym Brown

When asked what voice type she is, Kym often replies: "Alto. Low Alto. Basically a Tenor." So what repertoire is a 'female tenor' supposed to legitimately sing? Pretty much 'old lady' roles. BORING. Let's face it: most of the best songs and roles in musical theatre belong to the men! Not anymore - Kym presents a whirlwind tour of some of the most iconic male songs, at pitch, and with all the sass only a woman can bring.





Being Jesus

by Delirium Comedy Group

performed by Chris Charteris, Michael Fowle, Adam Toolin & Paul Hewett

Jesus Christ is 23, living in Brisbane and currently unemployed. His roommate, Satan, has decided to throw him a special Christmas dinner and has invited some friends and family of Jesus's past over for dinner. Hilarity and chaos ensues as Jesus’ saint-like patience is wearing thin, proving that it’s really not easy being Jesus.



The Rise of Sir Edmund

written & directed by Pete Malicki

performed by Matt Thomson

Will Sir Edmund find the perfect word? Join him on his most famous expedition to find out.




by Sci Fi Theatre

written & performed by Shane McLennan

directed by Shelley Quinn

Set in the not-too-distant future after a global disaster, the last man on Earth battles marauding mutants and himself with his faithful companion – a taciturn mannequin named Em. When an old friend unexpectedly appears the man starts to question his sanity and reasons for survival.



Going Viral

written by Brandon M Crose

directed by Matt O’Neill

performed by Shanay De Marco, Benetta Duncan & Mollie Yang

Years ago, she was an internet superstar. Today, on her thirteenth birthday, her parents break the news to her.




written by Angeline Andrews

directed by Lauren Sherritt

performed by Kelsie McDonald & Mollie Yang

A shared story of love and loss told by three characters with heavy hearts and one choice to make.




To Write My Epitaph

by Robert Armstrong

directed by Jay Bloodsworth

performed by Joshua Parnell

"As a poet, I know it frankly might seem strange; to be called Edgar Allan, but that's just what I was named." Edgar grew up infinitely inspired by Poe, but would his love of the Master of Strange and Grotesque lead to his downfall?



Orgasma and the Intergalactic Sky Cock

directed by Regan Lynch

devised & performed by Ethan Dean, Conor Ensor, Hannah Grace Fulton, Laura Hague, Beth Incognito, & Kristian Santic

Orgasma and the Intergalactic Sky Cock is an explosion of camp and absurdity, following the trials and tribulations of Orgasma, a hysterical scientist who is caught in a mission to build a laser and shoot down a gargantuan penis-shaped asteroid that’s rocketing towards the planet.



You’re Driving Me Crazy

by Todd Wallinger

directed by Amy Clarke

performed by Daniel Hurst & Craig Wood

One sunny afternoon, the young and conscientious Tony waits patiently for his driving instructor...enter Mr Pinkley, the instructor from hell! Struggling with his own hidden agenda, Mr. Pinkley shares a disastrous lesson with Tony in a delightful comedy of errors, leaving the audience wondering who is teaching who?!




written & directed by Jessica Palfrey

performed by Phoebe Ballard, Kristen Barros, Bonnie Mullins, & Xanthe Jones voiceover by Patrick Aiken

For the last three years Ms Virginia Salisbury-Westcot and her standard poodle Queenie have been reigning champions at the Royal Annual Heathcoate Dog Show. But all that could change with the return of an old competitor, and her new prize-winning bitch. Perhaps old dogs can learn new tricks…



Captain Everything

by Pete Malicki

directed by Robbie Maher

assistant director: Brenton Smith

design by James Schofield

performed by Camillo Mack Maher DiPiero

Captain Everything explores the vast imagination of a young boys mind, as he pushes through hardships to save a lovely Princess. His journey is fantastic, funny and full of the excitement of youth. The reality however, is a harsh dark truth.




Dirty Sexy Politics

written, directed & performed by Samuel Valentine & Thomas Albert

Vaudevillian roustabouts Tom Albert and Sam Valentine announce their own candidacy for national leadership. Their platform: Unbridled chaos. With a plethora of instrumentsand frenzied enthusiasm, what sordid truths will they uncover? Like a suppository of wisdom, Dirty Sexy Politics will penetrate your defences and leave you gasping for more.



Thirty Year Old Child

written & performed by Judy Hainsworth

directed by Penny Farrow

musically arranged by James Dobinson

Through original song, this quirky comic cabaret explores how it feels when everyone else is growing up without you. What do you do when all of your friends are having babies and getting mortgages, while you are still waiting for puberty to start and don’t know exactly what a mortgage is?



Caramel at Best

written by Josh Daveta

directed by Kristen Barros

performed by Josh Daveta, Alex Feifers, Bronte Devine & Aurelie Roqué

"The thing about my baby, it don't matter if you're black or white..." is what Michael Jackson told us in the early ‘90s to let us know that it is okay to be one colour or the other but what about the person who is both? Is it okay to be both? Does it possibly mean that there are two people inside the one person? Does that equate to having multiple personalities?




by Joshua McCann Thomson & Ethan Jones

written & directed by Joshua McCann Thomson

lyrics & composition by Ethan Jones

performed by Clare Finlayson, Richard Meyers & Tom Markiewicz

Four of the world’s most historical figures rise from the dead for one more night of fantastic revelry and perfect regrets. An epic battle of celebrities and powerful martyrs; a toxic cocktail of love, lust and jazz hands. Witness William Shakespeare, Walt Disney and Joan of Arc storm the stage for one more night on earth. In the arena there can only one victor and the audience will decide who takes the crown.



The Woeful Tale of Mary Melody

by Underground Productions

choreographed by Jessica Palfrey & Bonnie Mullins

performed by Alice England & the company of Underground Productions

Set in the Old West, this movement piece follows the fall of the young and beautiful Mary Melody. Cast aside by her grand society, she walks the empty streetsalone, until finding refuge in a place where debauchery and danger await her…




by Egohuysen

written & directed by Reuben Witsenhuysen

with HopeOne Haami, Tim Winter & Bec Groves

performed by Bec Groves, HopeOne Haami & Reuben Witsenhuysen

Three Synapses connect and take a dive into ugly attraction. For now, their garb help hide some of their more sideways enjoyments; but when the hoods come off, these fevered egos dive down the throng hole.



An evening with a musical theatre junkie…

by Amy Church

performed by Amy Church

Amy has a secret. A dirty little secret. She's got a problem. She's addicted to all things show tunes and sparkles. Yes that's right she's a musical theatre junkie, looking for her next hit of fabulous! And tonight, this closet musical theatre geek is spilling the beans!







The Literary Monogamist

written by John Lombard

directed by Renee Hood

sound design by Cameron Swales

performed by Ben Martin, Lachlan Dalby, Shanay De Marco & Kyle Barrett

Susan is a literary monogamist. She has obsessively read the same book over and over since high-school. Now, the characters have had enough and they (along with some other sympathetic idols) craft a plan to get Susan to move on with her life.



Late for School

written by Iain Moss

directed by Samantha Smith

Late for School tells the story of a young woman who reflects on the day’s events that have led to an unfortunate incident.



Crossbow Cat

written by Abby Howells

directed by Ron Seeto

performed by Corrine Fixter & David Tewksbury

At the age of 19, Wesley Smith accidentally hit a cat with a crossbow. Several years later, Cinnamon the cat appears in Wesley's apartment, still alive, still wounded and armed with a crossbow. The time for vengeance has finally arrived.



1 to 10

by Rocket Boy Ensemble

written & directed by Ella Gordon

associate director: Danielle Carney

production designer: Dylon King

performed by Emily Carr, Kristen Barros & Estelle Snowball

There are the times in your life when you feel like you’re going insane. And then there are the times when you actually are. When you’re getting several hundred watts of electricity surged into your brain three times a week, it’s most likely that you actually are.





written by Richard Graham

directed by Sahn Millington

performed by Peter Morris & Alizon Vosburgh

Jim was about to throw his marriage away when circumstances find him needing his best friend and his family. Married for many years, Jim andBeth find themselves with a new challenge and a new journey to embark on. Will they make it?




written by Alex Broun

directed by Camilla Nicole Niebling

technical advisor: Luki Nally

performed Chelsea Indiana, Chantelle Gardiner, Donna Gomez, Stacey de Waard & Lewis Edwards

A verbatim text, compiled from the real stories of sexual abuse victims. Five people come together to share their stories, voice their pain and that there is always hope afterwards... PLEASE NOTE: Deals with strong issues of sexual violence. Stories taken from the website Escaping Hades: Pandora's Aquarium with the names being changed.



The Runaways

devised by Sampson Smith, Sam Whatley, Sarah Stafford & William Pyke

directed by Sampson Smith

performed by Sam Whatley, Sarah Stafford & William Pyke

Oddball triplets Isabella, Eric and Gerard welcome you to a very important night. Songs will be sung, letters will be read and the search for a miracle begins.



The Catalogue Life

written & directed by Alexandra Hines

performed by Alexandra Hines, Samuel Boyd & Nicholas K. Watson

After briefly reigniting their passion in a cupboard, a couple find themselves locked inside IKEA with nothing but a pair of gardening gloves, a wedding to cancel and no way out.




by Elise Greig

directed by Samira Wyld

performed by Susan Stenlake

Brisbane is under water, rivers swell and threaten to burst their banks. In a state of shock, a woman navigates her way home through closed roads, while life is fading from her fathers eyes. Chaos threatens her choices while personal loss floods her from within.




by Russell Bell

directed by Brenna Lee-Cooney

performed by Lizzie Ballinger & Crystal Arons

A woman finds herself in trouble when meeting up with her secret lover at a café. The strange waiter happens to have added her as a friend on Facebook and before long, the power of social media threatens any chance of a private encounter.






Obsessions of a Control Freak

written by Belinda Raisin

directed by Bridget Boyle

musical director: Jen Teh

accompanied by Jamie The

performed by Belinda Raisin

F$%k the flow; embrace control. Our favourite control freak is back to share the secrets of success! From Kim Kardashian to The Wiggles, Frances has been mentored by the most successful people in the world. Is this perfection or has she finally lost the plot in her own overplotted story?



I Can Keep A Secret

by Babushka

performed by Alicia Cush, Bethan Ellsmore, Arlie McCormick, Judy Hainsworth & David Law

Join Babushka in a confessional box for an excerpt of their sell-out Queensland Cabaret Festival musical celebration of salacious secrets revealed in comedic four-part harmony. Gallivanting through a far-wondering songbook, these femme fatales smash Kylie with Carmen and Wagner with Billy Idol to createtheir own brand of quirky cabaret.



Hot, steamy and live: Erotic Readings

by Nicholas K. Watson

performed by Nicholas K. Watson

Nicholas K. Watson- he's been alive for 22 years and for 22 of those years his one dream and sole ambition has remained the same: to read filthy rendered erotic prose to an adoring audience. He's suffered for his art- now it's your turn.



Hardly the Portrait of a Lady

by NBDILM Productions

directed by Catarina Hebbard

accompanist / musical director: Heidi Loveland

musical director: James Dobinson

arrangements by James Dobinson & Luke Volker

performed by Cienda McNamara

As a little girl, Cienda dreamed of becoming a star. But that dream started to crumble as her rivalry with ‘Frizzy’ intensified, leaving behind her a trail of failed auditions, stage accidents and being stuck naked in a bathroom. This comedic cabaret combines hilarious storytelling, tongue-in-cheek multimedia, reworked pop-songs and epic musical theatre-style numbers to reveal what it’s really like to be a second-choice red head in the cutthroat world of show business.



Grey Fingers

written & directed by Pete Foley

dramaturgy by Dave Burton

performed by Tom Markiewicz

Part of the larger folklore / monster project named The New Pantheon, Grey Fingers is a one-woman show hosted by the melancholic, bearded queen, Bâton Blanche. It is a surreal and macabre tale of girls' hearts and the monsters who covet them.




by PHP Company

written, directed, choreographed & designed by Paul Hourigan

performed by Alinta McGrady, Asher Bowen-Saunders, Lachlan Dalby & Paul Hourigan

…who says you can’t swing both ways?



Painted Love

by Nadia Vanek

performed by Nadia vanek, Conor Ensor & Tim Hondroudakis

In a society where the dating culture is non-committal and expectations are lowered or not met, one has to wonder what it takes for a woman to hold a man down? Baring all may not always be the answer. A cabaret featuring a medley of pop culture love songs and a strip teasewhere the participants cover up instead of strip down...

Short+Sweet Program