Shrek Jr
Perform Australia presents
Shrek Jr

14 Apr 2018 to 15 Apr 2018

Shrek Jr is the fantastical tale of an anti-social ogre who'd rather stay at home in his private swamp, but is forced to face the outside world when the evil Lord Faquaad begins to terrorize the fairytale creatures of the land of Duloc.

Irritated that the banished creatures begin to move into his home, Shrek sets out to confront Faquaad so that something will be done and he can have his peace and quiet restored. Seizing the opportunity, Faquaad agrees to find a new home for the creatures... if Shrek, in return, retrieves Princess Fiona for him from the clutches of a dragon.

Joined by a Donkey on his journey, Shrek discovers more than he bargains for when the beautiful Fiona is not what she first seems.

Shrek Jr is performed by a wonderful cast of children from Canberra Academy of Dramatic Art's musical theatre program.

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60 minutes
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