Emily  MullamphyEmily Mullamphy
Emily Grace Mullamphy is 18 years old, currently studying Primary Teaching but a musical nerd at heart. For 10 years Emily has been performing in musicals since she was even littler in her debut in High School Musical in 2007.
Since then highlights have included returning to High School Musical in 2017 as Gabriella, Lady Thiang in The King & I, Rumpleteaser in Cats and has enjoyed all 17 musicals. She takes singing lessons currently with Sharon Tree and previously with Lauren Nihil.
Last year Emily auditioned for a Degree in Musical Theatre at the major institutions around Australia and was thrilled to receive call backs for both NIDA and Griffith. Though not getting in this time, she vows to continue until she is accepted even if she gets to being an 80 year old auditionee.
Being Johanna's Understudy has been an incredible experience. During rehearsals having to be constantly aware of two characters' actions and journeys has been a test of her questionable multitasking abilities and a huge learning experience.
Through this darker musical she hopes all the different themes and emotions shine through the performance and that the audience leaves changed in some way.

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