Fiona GogginsFiona Goggins
Into The Woods
Fiona is that slightly unhinged colleague / relative / acquaintance we all know whose tendency to wander around singing and putting on annoying accents is in desperate need of an official channel. Fortunately such a channel has presented itself in the form of "Into the Woods", which is Fiona's first crack at the Canberra theatre scene and she is truly delighted to be playing the role of Jack's Mother. She comes off a 5 year musical hiatus punctuated with unnumbered cease-and-desist letters and failed interventions from friends and family. Fiona's love of theatre, music and dance has been life-long, with classes, concerts, exams, eisteddfods and a general sense of diva-ship commencing at an early age. Previous major roles have concentrated around her uni days in her residential college's various productions and in lieu of actual study; these have included Ruth in "Pirates of Penzance", Mrs Drudge in Tom Stoppard's "The Real Inspector Hound" and the title role in the 2009 production of "Kiss Me Kate". She has also written, directed, choreographed for and featured in a number of College Revues. Fiona is a Karaoke obsessed bibliophile, an avid / rabid traveler, and self-confessed coconut enthusiast.

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Into The WoodsInto The Woods
Show finished on 12 Sep 2015
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