Riley BellRiley Bell
Riley Bell has an incredibly long resume of theatrical productions and it would be tedious to list them all here - however he will because the producer asked him to. He did his first show at the age of 3 in Baby Macbeth, which critics called "hauntingly adorable".
In recent years he has appeared onstage here at The Q in The Mousetrap, A Midsummer Night's Dream, and The Imaginary Invalid all directed by Jordan Best. This year he has appeared in Casanova and Much Ado About Nothing at Canberra REP.
In his other life as a stand up comic he works with fellow Canberra comedian Joshua Glass and has performed at the Melbourne Comedy Festival in both 2014 and 2015.
He will do his last show at the age of 121 in a production of the art-house piece Watch A Man Die Live Onstage. This is his first show with Everyman Theatre, his first musical and his seventeenth attempt at parental approval.

Shows Riley Bell has been in
Wait Until DarkWait Until Dark
Show finished on 11 Mar 2017
Show finished on 20 Aug 2016
Show finished on 24 Oct 2015
$37 - $52