Richard BlenkinsoppRichard Blenkinsopp
Richard has worked on 3 theatre productions and 1 musical making Heather's the second musical he has done. He's made many short indie films and performed in college stage productions like 'Romeo and Juliet', 'Cloudstreet' and 'Mort' in which he stared as the lead in Romeo and Juliet and side characters in the other two. Richard has plenty of past experience in dance mostly dance comps for his school and talent shows. He started his passion for acting in college 2014 and has made up to 12 short films gaining high praise in his films and is working towards making more to place into film comps. Heathers is his next step in his theatre/musical productions in which he intends to push further and further!!!

Shows Richard Blenkinsopp has been in
Heathers: The MusicalHeathers: The Musical
Show finished on 27 Oct 2018
$27.50 - $54.50