Jake FraserJake Fraser
ACT, Queanbeyan
Age : 33
Occupation : Credit Officer / Stripper
Jake recently reignited his passion for musical theatre by starring in the Full Monty and is now fully immersed into the theatre community.
Now onto his second show after his long awaited return he fears that he may be type cast as "The gay" character for the rest of his acting career unless he can stop throwing off "that vibe".
Carmen has always been a role that he has related to and it is now his immense pleasure to help bring the character to life.
During his hiatus from musical theatre Jake has been performing for the women of the nation as a male entertainer and is now extremely excited to continue to broaden his horizons back into theatre.
Jake wears a suit to his day job, and his birthday suit to his night job.
Jake has always been a performer and hosts some of the most spectacular shower concerts around.
His two beautiful dachshunds also enjoy his impromptu interpretive kitchen dance numbers.

Shows Jake Fraser has been in
The ProducersThe Producers
Show finished on 26 Oct 2019
$32.00 - $64.00