Silvana MoroSilvana Moro
School of Rock
Silvana has been part of the Canberra Musical Theatre Scene for 9 years (but theatrical since birth). Her involvement in musical theatre has led to several other expensive extracurriculars such as the National Folk Festival, burlesque, circus, and having friends.
Shes been seen frolicking as a featured dancer in Queanbeyan Players Kiss Me Kate, tapping away as the resident lesbian Shirley Markowitz in Dramatic Productions' The Producers, rocking away before thousands of people in PeeWee Productions' We Will Rock You, and making her first foray into circus in The Philharmonic's Society's Barnum: The Circus Musical. Her other shows include Fame, The Little Mermaid, Grease, High Fidelity and Seussical.
Silvana's pandemic journey included repeatedly watching trashy holiday movies on Netflix, joining everyone else who decided crocheting was trendy again and downloading Tik Tok late along with every other millennial.
She funds her expensive lifestyle by mostly convincing her employer that she knows what she's doing as a management consultant.

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Shows Silvana Moro has been in

School of RockSchool of Rock
Gungahlin College Theatre (ACT)
Show finished on 22 Oct 2022
Dramatic Productions
Roles - Ms Gordon, Ms Turner, Police, Patty (Understudy)
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