Aarne NeemeAarne Neeme
Aarne started his professional theatre career in 1962, as a dancer in a Christmas pantomime at Melbourne's Tivoli Theatre.
He has worked mainly as a director and a lecturer in both vocational and academic institutions, throughout Australia and in New Zealand and Singapore.
He has been the Artistic Director of a number of organisations, and has been the recipient of a number of awards and fellowships.
In recent years, he has also turned his hand to television directing.
Aarne has a 30 year history with Rep, having directed a number of plays, from Tom Stoppard's Enter a Free Man in 1983, with Peter Robinson; to most recently, John Doyle's The Pig Iron People in 2011 with Judi Crane and Sam Hannan-Morrow.
He has also had long term associations with Helen Vaughan-Roberts, Liz St Clair Long, Russell Brown, Jeanette Brown, Mandy Brown, Quentin Mitchell and Joyce Gore, to name but a few.
And he is delighted to rejoin the Rep family once again.

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Shows Aarne Neeme has been in
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Show finished on 2 Jul 2016
The Threepenny OperaThe Threepenny Opera
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Show finished on 16 Aug 2014
Don Parties OnDon Parties On
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