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Suitable for women of any fitness or experience level.

Ages 15+

In our 3 session women's self-defence course you will learn:

-What the most common attacks are and how to respond to them,

-Simple and effective escape techniques,

-The psychology behind conflict and how to manage it.


Session 1

-When are you allowed to defend yourself?

-How to punch safely

-The 2 most common punches and how to defend against them

-How to escape wrist grabs


Session 2

-How different martial arts approach self-defence

-Review session 1 techniques

-Gate Theory and building a defensive barrier

-Escaping Bear Hugs


Session 3

-The psychology of self-defence

-The science of self-defence (F=MA)

-Review session 1 & 2 techniques

-Learn some Wing Chun Kung Fu

Note: Classes are done in regular sporting/exercise clothing and appropriate closed footwear such as sneakers.

(training is not performed in bare feet).

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To book by phone, call 02 6253 1454 between Monday to Friday 10am – 4pm.

General Notes
  • Payment is made using the National Australia Bank's secure payment system by credit card
  • Tickets are electronic PDF files and you will need to print them before the show.
  • After purchasing tickets, you will be sent an email with a copy of your tickets.
  • For concessional tickets (student/pensioner/concession/etc) you will need to bring proof of concession with you
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