State Theatre Company of South Australia
Dunstan Playhouse - Adelaide Festival Centre
16 Oct 2015 to 31 Oct 2015
View Session Times
Adult - $58.00
Concession - $49.00
Under 30s - $31.00
Groups* 10+ (per tkt) - $49.00

Duration - 2 hours

Presented by State Theatre Company and Belvoir
By Angela Betzien

It was a nightmare that year; we had bodies bobbing all over Sydney Harbour.

Mortido is a revenge tragedy, crime thriller and contemporary morality play all rolled into one.

It begins with a Mexican fable about death and ends in Sydney’s Western suburbs. In-between it takes in the Sydney police force, Qantas, quinoa, Berlin, Nazi Germany, Krispy Kreme donuts, Coca Cola, public housing, a seventh birthday party, the property market and a body in our country’s most famous Harbour. The connective tissue? Cocaine and a narrative with the power of a locomotive.

Jimmy is a small-time dealer and Monte is a biggish-time distributor. Grubbe is a detective. They all want the same thing: to live out their lives in leisure. And a water view would be nice. But for Jimmy and Monte to win, Grubbe has to lose. Same goes the other way.

Australian Writers’ Guild Award Winner Angela Betzien is a virtuoso playwright who ...more
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