The Boy at the Edge of Everything
Melbourne Theatre Company presents
The Boy at the Edge of Everything

23 Sep 2015 to 3 Oct 2015

For our family treat this year MTC presents The Boy at the Edge of Everything, a funny and engaging play by award-winning Tasmanian writer Finegan Kruckemeyer, which has already had a major touring production in the US.

Simon Ives keeps to the schedule. Not just the school schedule with new stuff to learn coming at him all day, but everything else packed into his young life: music lessons, sports practice, clubs, activities and homework. It’s full on and wouldn’t it be great just to find time to think? Meanwhile, way out in space, another boy, with nothing to do that hasn’t already been done, sits bored and lonely in the intergalactic quiet.

Opposite lives on opposite sides of the cosmos. It would be beyond incredible if they ever met, but one day, completely unscheduled, that’s exactly what happens. Containing a universe of sly observation and wry jokes, The Boy at the Edge of Everything is an extraterrestrial joyride for ages 8 and up.

Originally commissioned by Trusty Sidekick Theater Company, New York and Seattle Children’s Theater, Washington.

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