The One Day of the Year
The One Day of the Year
Old Mill Theatre
Old Mill Theatre
9 Oct 2015 to 24 Oct 2015
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Tickets - Tickets are $25, $20 concession book at or on 9367 8719.
Duration - 120 mins

A PLAY that created a public furore when first released – and is now regarded as an Australian classic – comes to the Old Mill Theatre this October.

Written by Fremantle-born Alan Seymour and directed by Brendan Ellis, The One Day of the Year follows the Cook family during the week of Anzac Day and, while family patriarch Alf sees it as the one time of year old Diggers can get together and be commemorated, his son Hughie regards it merely as an excuse for them all to get drunk.

The play raises poignant questions about class, education, inter-generational communication, free expression, respect for people and history and attitudes towards war.

First performed in 1960, The One Day of the Year was rejected at the time by the Adelaide Festival of Arts for its supposed anti-military stance.

On Anzac Day 1961, during the dress rehearsal for its opening at Sydney’s Palace Theatre, there was a bomb scare and police were forced to close the theatre for 24 hours.

Seymour, who was ...more
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