Play On & Cosi
Play On & Cosi
Hawker College
Murranji Theatre (Hawker College)
8 Nov 2016 to 12 Nov 2016
View Session Times
Adult $15
Concession $10
Matinee $5

Duration - Approx 3 hours including interval
**NOTE Cosi not suitable for children



Play On by Rick Abbot is a comedy about the offstage and onstage antics of a community theatre group. Gerry the director has no idea what she has gotten herself into. The murder mystery plot is missing a murder, unless of course the disgruntled cast bump off the playwright who insists on last minute rewrites days before opening night. The hilariously amateur actors miss cues, techies fail to produce vital support and to top it off the cast and crew are on each other’s nerves. Opening night of Murder Most Foul includes shenanigans and slip-ups with hilarious mishaps at every turn.



In this classic Australian play by Louis Nowra a Sydney slacker gets the chance to stage an opera, but his cast are assembled from the ranks of the mentally ill…

College dropout Lewis, desperately needs some money and fakes his way into a job doing occupational therapy with a group of asylum inmates. Although Lewis’s original idea is to stage a protest play, in keeping with h ...more
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