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27 Sep 2019 to 6 Oct 2019


Set in the mid-1800s, Oliver! is based on Charles Dicken’s novel Oliver Twist. The novel is dark and highly Victorian. In the musical written by Lionel Bart, there is a wonderful mix of humour and liveliness and the darkness of the original story. This production is being produced with families in mind. A strong cast of children and adults take us to the workhouse, on to Fagin’s den and into the better areas of London.

Oliver starts off in the workhouse and is then sold on by Mr Bumble (Christopher Benny) to the local undertakers after causing trouble. Young Oliver is being played by Willum Hollier-Smith who meets his new companion the Artful Dodger (Joss Kent). Dodger, in turn, introduces Oliver to Fagin (Anthony Swadling) and the rest of the gang. Old hands from the London streets are Nancy (Emily Pogson) and her sidekick Bet (Alyssa Anderson) who with the gang show Oliver all about living in London. Nancy is in a relationship with the most feared man of the area – Bill Sykes (Michael Jordan), another of Fagin’s prodigies but Nancy is willing to stand up to him to look after little Oliver.

Oliver’s journey continues and is looking positive to finding a new home until Bill Sykes catches up with him and brings him back to Fagin’s.

This production is on at The Q during the school holidays with ideal opportunities for all ages to listen to some great music, watch some lively dancing and see a classic story.




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The Q - Queanbeyan Performing Arts Centre
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2 hours 30 mins, incl interval