The Writer
Sydney Theatre Company presents
The Writer

20 Jun 2020 to 11 Jul 2020


A young writer confronts a director in an empty theatre. In a bristling exchange about his work, the director attempts to disarm her. He flirts. He patronises. He even offers her a job. She stares him down. She wants to do things her way; she wants the world to change shape. And without warning it does, revealing stories nested within stories like Russian dolls, each more brilliant and daring than the last. A play that fractures form and structure, The Writer takes aim at the business of making art – the compromises it demands, the people it chews up, and the endless ways patriarchal power can infect.

Ella Hickson is one of the UK’s most exciting young playwrights and The Writer, which premiered at London’s Almeida Theatre in 2018, has been hailed as “momentous” (Broadway World), “riveting” (The Guardian UK) and “very punk rock” (Time Out London), exploding the very nature of what theatre can be.

Directed by Resident Director Jessica Arthur, the ensemble cast features Emily Barclay (Lethal Indifference), Heath Ledger Award-winner Charmaine Bingwa and Toby Schmitz (The Present). It’s furious, raw and edge-of-seat compelling.

“Electrifying... a thrillingly uninhibited rally against the establishment.”  Time Out London





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2 hours, no interval