Wallflowering Wallflowering
Christine Harris & HIT Productions
The Q - Queanbeyan Performing Arts Centre
9 Sep 2021 to 11 Sep 2021
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Adult: $65
Concession & Groups 8+: $60
Under 25: $27

Early Bird (available until 9 August 2021):
Adult: $60
Concession & Groups 8+: $55

Duration - 2 hours 30 mins, incl interval

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A delightfully amusing and poignant play about the nature of marriage, the pursuit of happiness and the perfect foxtrot!

Wallflowering is a play with a gentle heart, insight and plenty of warm humour.

Cliff and Peg are a married couple who’ve always fitted together comfortably but now find themselves out of step with life  and each other.

Playwright Peta Murray draws astonishing parallels between the structure of a troubled marriage and the structure of the moves a couple makes on the dance floor. Peg and Cliff were once prize-winning ballroom dancers, and the story is interspersed with ballroom dancing by a younger couple who represent them not only in their glory days but also their older idealised view of themselves.

While most women should be able to identify with Peg’s yearnings on some level, it’s Cliff whose needs turn out to be more complex and compelling. Peg is no longer content to quietly and unquestioningly follow her husband. She wants to lead and sees pos ...more
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