By A Thread By A Thread
One Fell Swoop Circus
Touring Show
15 Sep 2020 to 10 Oct 2020
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Duration - 50 mins
Smoke effects used

Tour Dates and Locations
15 Sep 202015 Sep 2020Albany Entertainment Centre - Princess Royal Theatre
Tickets & Sessions: $25 - $39 ...more
10 Oct 202010 Oct 2020Redland Performing Arts Centre (RPAC) - Concert Hall
Tickets & Sessions: Free - $25 ...more

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One Fell Swoop Circus bring their much-lauded production, By a Thread, to Albany Entertainment Centre for 1 show only, bringing with them their trademark 30 metres of white rope.

Using no nets or safety harnesses, By A Thread offers rich visuals of inventive aerial acrobatics and spectacular skills from some of Australia’s best emerging and established circus artists. Seven performers combine dynamic acrobatic skills and poignant physical theatre in a choreographed exploration of tension; physical, emotional and relational.

By A Thread explores the relationship between trust and play on an innovative aerial apparatus—using long spools of white rope run through pulley sheaves and wrapped around bodies, explicitly connecting the artists’ movements above and off the ground.
The performers are hoisted and swung by one another to create striking tableaux and breath-taking dynamics. The actions of one acrobat affect and implicate the movements of others in a precise negotiation of cause and effect.
Coming out of intense physical training at the National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA), Australia’s elite-level circus training institute, the By A Thread ensemble emerges with a cutting-edge contemporary circus piece on an innovative aerial apparatus.
The rope is a physical manifestation of the trust implicit in any relationship, acrobatic or otherwise. The performers use this metaphor for connectedness to explore the give and take, balance, and dynamics of relating to one another.




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