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8 Jan 2022 to 10 Jan 2022

“Oh What a Beautiful Mornin’” opens Rodgers and Hammerstein’s first musical collaboration, the beloved Broadway classic Oklahoma!  Set at the turn of the 20th century and based on the play “Green grow the lilacs” by Lynn Riggs, Oklahoma’s backdrop is the passionate rivalry between the farmers and cowmen.

Central to the story is the complicated romance of Laurey (Demi Smith), living on her Aunt Eller’s (Emma White) ranch and the over confident but good natured Curly (Nathanael Patterson), a cowboy.  To add to the complication Laurey agrees to accompany Jud (Paul Sweeney), the farm hand, to the Box Social.

Laurey’s good friend, Ado Annie (Emily Pogson) also finds it difficult to make decisions in the matter of love.  She is on the verge of making a commitment to Will Parker (Ash Syme) however while he is away she becomes interested in a travelling salesman, Ali Hakim (Andrew Finegan).  Ali, however, is not so interested in marrying but is concerned about how her father, Andrew Carnes (Chris Bennie) will respond.

Oklahoma! includes songs such as “Kansas City”, “I Cain’t Say No” and “The Farmer and The Cowman”.  Laurey and Curly have their challenges but there is hope for them in the closing number of the new state Oklahoma.

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