Hamlet In The Other Room
Rumpus Theatre presents
Hamlet In The Other Room

30 Nov 2021 to 12 Dec 2021

Hamlet in the Other Room is a choose your own adventure style show following a group of female actors putting on an abridged version of ‘Hamlet’- except backstage the person playing Hamlet refuses to continue. In the dressing room, ideas and ideologies clash as the company of women try desperately to wrench themselves away from traditionalism and create a risky new paradigm while, on stage, the play itself goes wildly off the rails. The audience is invited to move between these two separate, but simultaneous shows.

This is a daring take on one of the most dearly beloved, over-performed, over-analysed and over-testosteroned works in the English literary and theatrical canon, a work that is so often considered sacred by academics, artists, and audiences alike. For years, women were banned from even speaking the Bard’s words onstage, with men filling every role. Now, our diverse group of young women are flipping the script, not only giving a voice to our all-female cast but then freeing it by creating our own story backstage.

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