Wherever She Wanders
Griffin Theatre Company presents
Wherever She Wanders

5 Nov 2021 to 11 Dec 2021

At one of Australias oldest residential colleges, scandal is rare. Or, scandal that reaches the outside world anyway. Behind closed mahogany doors, theres always quiet money to mop up the mess.

Writing the cheques this year is Jo Mulligan, the first female Master in the colleges hundred-year history. And for Nikki Faletaustudent resident and aspiring journalist this is a time for hope, for change, for reform

That all changes when a serious allegation is made against a fellow resident. For Jo, its a case of boys will be boys. For Nikki, its yet another symptom of rape culture rearing its ugly head on campus. Kendall Feaver (The Almighty Sometimes) started writing Wherever She Wanders when incidents of sexual misconduct were being flung into the unforgiving light of the internet. In 2021, the play has only become more prescient. Online, there are no rules: social media is polarising political discussion, comments sections are as concrete as they are chaotic, and many vulnerable people are getting caught in the crossfire of a debate raging out of any one persons control.

Like a 21st century reworking of The First Stone, this brilliant new work plunges into generational feminisms ever-growing divide with Feavers signature ferocious wit.


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150 mins including 20 min interval