Taz Vs The Pleb
Rogue Projects presents
Taz Vs The Pleb

9 Feb 2022 to 19 Feb 2022

Set in the small fictional town of Turneybull, in rural NSW, two lovable 16 year-old misfits - besties Taz and Shontelle - decide to take democratic measures into their own hands by hatching a plan to steal all the postal surveys during Australia’s 2017 same sex marraige plebicite.

Presented by multi-award winning theatre makers Rogue Projects, Kasia Vickery’s debut comedy Taz vs The Pleb is a fast-paced heist parody for ages 14+, jam-packed with high octane action adventure as Taz and Shontelle dodge a revolving door of wacky townsfolk in a race to rig the survey.

It is a colourful celebration of queer friendship, community and grassroots revolution.

Because sometimes you have to break the rules to change them...

This new work is a dedication to the community of young LGBTQIA+ people who were robbed of their democratic voice and agency during the plebiscite. We wanted to find a way to talk about this recent part of Australian history in a new, celebratory, and joyful light. In this imagined town the adults are the villains, and the young people the heroes, in a parody of the heist action adventure genre. We hope that through the play’s representation of young queer voices and identities we can inspire young people to see make theatre. It is through laughter that we believe we can continue to foster community and connection across generations.


Written and Directed by Kasia Vickery
Performed by: Natali Caro, Jack Mainsbridge, Lou McInnes, Sophie Strykowski 
Producers: Robbi James and Talia Meyerowitz-Katz
Production Design: Kate Beere
Sound Design: Kasia Vickery
Lighting Design: Thomas Doyle
Marketing & Engagement: Robbi James
Stage Manager: TBC
Promotional Photography: Heather Louise Fletcher
Production Photography: Noni Carroll 

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60 Minutes.
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Creatives Cast Natali Caro Natali Caro
Natali Caro (she/they) is an actor, comedian, DJ, drag king, performer, writer and producer. Just last year she was shortlisted for the ATYP
Rebel Wilson Comedy Commission and nominated Best Artist in the FBi SMAC Awards. She also starred in the original drag cabaret musical; All The Kings hens which sold out in Sydney and Melbourne. Her debut solo comedy show, Seeking Representation (Giant Dwarf 2020 & 2021) sold out twice and got a standing ovation each time. She has also featured on SBS The Feed and The Chasers War on 2020.
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