Blaque Show Girls
Griffin Theatre Company presents
Blaque Showgirls

11 Dec 2022 to 17 Dec 2022

Prepare for plumage, puns, and political incorrectness gone mad. May we present: Blaque Showgirls!

A lonely kid in rural Australia, fair-skinned Sarah Jane Jones is deathly sure of two things: 1. She’s the best dancer in the whole town of Chithole, and 2. She’s a proud Aboriginal woman. As it stands, there’s very little proof of either of these things.

So, when a long-lost photograph offers hope of her Indigenous ancestry, Sarah Jane high-tails it to the glitziest casino in Queensland. Her mission? To land a role in the First Nations burlesque spectacular: ‘Blaque Showgirls’. But fame and fortune is not the easy path Sarah Jane imagined—and she must learn some outrageous new moves to push to the front of this chorus line.

A twisted reinvention of the so-bad-it’s-good cinematic masterpiece Showgirls, the acidic pen of Nakkiah Lui (Black is the New White) delivers her trademark mix of wit and balls-to-the-wall silliness. Superstar director Shari Sebbens (Superheroes) jam-packs a rhinestoned arena spectacular into the SBW Stables Theatre.

From Declan
‘Following her acclaimed direction of the gentle, emotionally-resonant Superheroes, Shari returns to Griffin to helm a play that is… absolutely nothing like that. Of all the plays I’ve seen that end with a ribbon-dance set to Daryl Braithwaite’s The Horses, this one definitely has the most boob jokes. But it’s Nakkiah, so naturally it’s also painfully, painfully smart. Did I mention it closes two weeks before Christmas? Why not bring the whole family! (That’s a joke. Please, for the love of God, don’t bring your family.)

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