Tamsilgaran presents

8 Nov 2022 to 19 Nov 2022

Horror of war, hope of freedom

Utopia is a collection of unreliable narratives from Afghanistan where only dreams of escape to paradise give hope.

Afghani director Amir Musavi remounts his first Australian work, sold out in advance at The Blue Room Theatre Summer Nights 2022. Experimental, experiential and confronting, Utopia cuts across borders and cultures, repeating difficult events to find a solution… a raw and thrilling expression from a young man watching horrors unfold in his homelands and across the globe.

Stagger into a minefield. See siblings demand the ultimate sacrifice. Marvel as families embark on dangerous journeys to escape a hellish life. Juggle your ethics as points of view shift and change.

Performed by an exciting and diverse ensemble of actors, its complex, dark and not for the fainthearted.

“Promising writing, genuine performances, and a striking performance style” – Stage Whispers.

Image by Nicolee Fox

This show contains stylised violence, and adult concepts including war, terrorism and family loss.

  • Director, Writer & Performer

Amir Musavi

  • Dramaturg

Phil Thomson

  • Performer(s)

Shirley van Sanden
Adil Abdelmagid
Walter Gotore
Rhianna Abu Lashin
Sreekanth Gopalakrishnan
Gemma Hanh

  • Lighting Tech & Operator

Hannah Portwine

  • Producer

Amber Kitney

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The Blue Room Theatre
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60 Minutes
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