Holiday Island Holiday Island
Riverside Theatres
Riverside Theatre - Lennox Theatre
27 Sep 2022 to 28 Sep 2022
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Tickets $25

Tickets $26
Family Group 4+ $23
Workshop $23

Tickets $29
Family Group 4+ $26
Workshop $25
Show + Workshop Bundle $51

Duration - Approximately 60 minutes
Suitable for ages 3+ and their families

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Riverside Theatres presents
Created by Ali Gordon and Alicia Gonzalez

A clown yearns for a summer getaway, so she decides to create it herself at Riverside Theatres. With nine colourful suitcases in tow, she builds an imaginary world of play, relaxation and togetherness: Holiday Island.

Like a silent film, driven by a nostalgic soundtrack, audiences are treated to an uplifting and perfectly silly beach adventure, completely indoors.

You will feel transported to a place built from scraps of memory, hidden inside a pile of suitcases. Throughout the show, eager audience members may be invited on stage, leaving the more reserved folk to enjoy the action from their seats.

My small grandchildren loved it… ‘wonder what’s in the next suitcase?’ Lots of cases, lots of surprises.” –  Susan Blamey, Grandmother

Watching Ali took me outside of myself and transported me to another time and place; one where the worries of the world just drift away” – Dan Challis, Musician

Engaging and entertaining! The kids will love it! Ali is very talented and knows how to make people LAUGH!” – Tamara Hawkins, Mum

Suitable for ages 3+ and their families


Play + kindness = the secret to life
Did you know, there are only two types of people in this world who truly understand this equation… Children and clowns.

And this isn’t party-trick-clowning –instead– imagine a theatrical comedian who plays the fool in search of shared humanity. So in tandem with Holiday Island, teaching artist and professional clown Ali Gordon will work for an hour with your children, using play to grow a bigger heart and transform our realities into something just a little more fun.

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