Cinderella And The Seven Dwarves
Brisbane Arts Theatre presents
Cinderella And The Seven Dwarves

24 Sep 2022 to 3 Dec 2022

From the mind that brought youMy Hamster is a GeniusGoldie – The Untold Story of Goldilocks and the Café episode of Bluey comes a new fractured fairytale guaranteed to delight – and leave you in stitches!

Living post-Snow White is a tough gig, and you don’t need to tell the Dwarfs that twice. Explainy, Cranky, Panicky, Mimey, Rhymey, Clumsy and Boofhead are dead-broke and are struggling to pay the rent.

Enter Cinderella. Sick of being treated poorly by her Stepmother (and landlady to the seven), she seeks their kindness for somewhere to stay, and a plan is set in motion…

Step 1 – Go to the ball.

Step 2 – Meet and fall in love with the prince.

Step 3 – Get the prince to pay the Dwarfs’ rent

Should be easy right…?

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Brisbane Arts Theatre
Session TimesTicket PricesDuration
90 minutes
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