Creative Play: Wild City
Sydney Opera House presents
Creative Play: Wild City

3 Jan 2023 to 15 Jan 2023

This hands-on artwork and interactive workshop allows children to build their wildest city! In different cities worldwide, adaptations are already taking place to include wild animals as citizens and improve the quality of urban ecosystems. 

These inspiring examples are explored before a fun hands-on-making workshop where everybody works together to imagine and build a thriving Wild City. 

Explore ideas by adding to the sculptural building blocks of a city, creating habitat and infrastructure to welcome wild animals into the mini urban landscape. The result is a collaborative exhibition, that not only investigates environmental issues, but it also inspires solutions.

Facilitated by professional artists and joined by ecological experts that will provide in-depth knowledge about the surprising number of animals we already share our cities with, and what habitats they require. 

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Sydney Opera House - Centre for Creativity
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90 minutes