Wild Thing
Di Smith presents
Wild Thing

14 Apr 2023 to 10 May 2023

A tale of sea eagles and pole dancing, of children and childhood dreams, of religion and rock ‘n’ roll. Most of all this is a tale of friendships that have stood the test of time.

Until now.

Jackie, Elizabeth, Frances and Susan become besties at high school and find freedom in Swinging London a decade later. After that they carve out very different lives for themselves and don’t see each other as often, but always meet up once a year for the ‘Musketeer’s dinner’.

But this year is different.

Past sixty, older but no wiser, the most radical member of the group is in crisis. To offer their support, the ‘Musketeers’ take Jackie back to her country home for a weekend – to relax and let their hair down. What could possibly go wrong? What follows tests their friendship, their morals and their courage as never before.

And a final twist will change their lives forever.

Director Kim Hardwick

Producer Di Smith

Cast Di Smith, Di Adams, Katrina Foster, Helen O’Connor, Lewis Fitz-Gerald, Philip D’Ambrosio

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85mins, no interval
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