Joe MooresJoe Moores
ACT, Canberra
Age : 33
Occupation : IT Application and Business Support

Joe likes Tim Tams and long walks across the stage, barefoot. In his free time, he enjoys sprinting through the crossover replacing pieces of costume and coming out the opposite wing looking minimally dishevelled. Some of his favourite semi-shevelled appearances thus far have been as a Pirate in Peter Pan (2017), Marine Seargent Johnson in South Pacific (2017), Harold Fonda, Mookie, and The Bum in The Wedding Singer (2018), a slew of ensemble characters in The Producers (2019) and Manny, a waiter in Hello, Dolly! (2019).

He has also featured as the rather-shevelled Rusty Charlie in Guys and Dolls (2017), King Sextimus in Once Upon a Mattress (2019), and was part of the onstage cast in Godspell (2018) a show that will forever remain a magical moment in his heart.

Shows Joe Moores has been in

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