Ronan GotchRonan Gotch
The Producers
Since 2013, Ronan has been performing in high school theatre productions and fringe festivals. He attended Canberra Academy for Dramatic Arts (CADA) for two years and is known for his stage presence and wacky characterisation.
Ronan has performed comedic roles in high school productions such as 'This is theatre!', a production about the evolution of theatre which he co-wrote (2013), Jethro in 'Opening a Fuzzwollops Frame of Mind' (2014), Captain Spotsworth in '2061 a Space Idiocy' (2015), Bobby in 'Man of steel' (2016), Ensemble in 'Ubu Roi' (2017) and Sammy in 'Blood Brothers' (2018).
Since graduating year 12, Ronan hopes to be a part of many theatre productions with the Producers being a start.

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Shows Ronan Gotch has been in
The ProducersThe Producers
Show finished on 26 Oct 2019
$32.00 - $64.00