Thomas CullenThomas Cullen
The Producers
Deb has been performing since the age of 4, first as a dancer and then later as a performer in Musical Theatre, Stage and Screen.
You will occasionally see Deb on your local TV station in a number of local television commercials. Deb's recent Canberra productions include 42nd Street, Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera and Into the Woods (there are many many more, but to list them would reveal her actual age - which is not actually 82 as you might think from her performance as "Hold Me Touch Me"
Deb is very proud to once again be working with Dramatic Productions and very excited to be working with such a wonderful cast and production team. An avid watcher of Hey Hey its Saturday and Hey Dad, she is really honoured to be working with Mr Daryl Somers and Ms Rachel Beck in this fabulous production. She hopes you enjoy the show.

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Shows Thomas Cullen has been in

The ProducersThe Producers
Gungahlin College Theatre (ACT)
Show finished on 26 Oct 2019
Dramatic Productions
Roles - Jack LaPidus, Ensemble
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