ActorLachlan McWilliam
NSW, Sydney
Age : 44
Occupation : Actor & Director
Agent : Storm
Director of the winning play 'Trapped' at the 2020 Gala Finals for Short + Sweet Sydney. Won Best Play, Best Director, Best Writer (Barry Wood), Best Actress (Gemma May Bowles).
Director for the play 'As Nice as Pie.' Won Crew Cut Award for 2021 Short + Sweet in November. Play was a top ten finalist performed at Tom Mann Theatre, Sydney in April 2022.
Director of the comedy play 'Alls Will that Ends Will' which is a semi finalist being performed on Friday 21st October 2022 at Tom Mann theatre in Sydney.
Author of the book 'Elizabeth in the Woods' a teen thriller available on Amazon.
Lachlan has been a regular character for thirteen years on the U.S hit show Deadly Women. Most recently he played a cop in the Australian feature film 'Acute Misfortune.' He has also appeared in numerous TV commercials.

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