Witches Of Eastwick, The Witches Of Eastwick, The
SUPA Productions
Audition Dates
Singing and acting auditions
Saturday 2 November 9.00am 5.00pm
Sunday 3 November 10.00am 2.00pm

Dance auditions
Sunday 3 November 3.00pm 5.00pm

Callback auditions (if required)
Monday 4 November 6.00pm onwards

Rehearsal Days
Commence on Sunday 10 November

Sundays 12.00noon to 5.00pm
Mondays 7.00pm 10.00pm
Wednesdays 7.00pm 10.00pm
At Dance City, Hume

Audition Bookings
Jenny Wookey - call on weekends or after 7pm weekdays
0402 712 840
supaproductions (at) yahoo.com.au

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Show Running Info
ANU Arts Centre
14 Mar 2014 to 29 Mar 2014

Comedy, drama and horror all come together in John Dempsy and Dana P. Rowe's musical adaptation of THE WITCHES OF EASTWICK.
In the sleepy New England town of Eastwick, our three (not-so-wicked) witches Alexandra Spofford, Sukie Rougemont and Jane Smart are divorcees feeling trapped in their everyday humdrum lives. One stormy night, high on Martinis and brownies, they make a crazy wish - for a man to make their own. But their wish has consequences they could never have dreamed...
"A wickedly funny comedy" - Time Magazine.
"The Audience was spellbound" - The Evening Standard.
"Sends you into the night with a spring in your step and a smile on your face" - London Daily Telegraph.
"Musical comedy Heaven" - London Mail on Sunday.


Darryl Van Horne - A new comer from New York

Age: 35–50

Vocal Range: Low A- high F#.

The antagonist of the production. Has sex appeal. Has a hypnotic charm and sophistication. Has a hidden agenda. He is the catalyst for the three witches exploring their inner most desires. Excellent comic timing.


Alexandra Spofford - A sculptress

Age: 35-45

Vocal Range: Low G-C

A divorcee, Alex is a passionate artist. Her life experience forms the basis of her insecurities and her relationships with the other characters. Has a teenage son – Michael.


Jane Smart - A cellist

Age: 25-40

Vocal Range: Low A- high C above the stave

A musician who is reserved and quiet. She has a straight laced appearance but an underlying desire for more passion in her life. Excellent comic timing.


Sukie Rougemount - A writer

Age: 25-40

Vocal Range: Low A-E

A journalist who is not focused on her work. Conveniently scatter brained from time to time. Talks faster than she thinks. She is on the shy side and a follower rather than a leader. See’s Jane and Alex as the sisters she never had. Good movement required


Felicia Gabriel - Town Gossip and Eastwick's First Lady

Age: 40-55

Vocal Range: Low A- top A optional C

A misplaced sense of importance. Veneer of happiness is always on. Has money and is the self appointed leader of society with an unshakable belief that she knows what is best for Eastwick. Her brand of dictatorship is dispenced with a saccharine sweetness. She takes an instant dislike to Darryl upon his arrival and becomes his nemesis.  She has a teenage daughter – Jennifer


Jennifer Gabriel - Felicia's daugher, Michael's girlfriend

Age: Appearance of 18

Vocal Range: Low A - D

Main juvenile lead. Direct opposite of her mother. Complete natural innocence. Her mother is a smothering presence. Accustomed to acting in a certain way to keep her mother happy. Felicia has tried to mould her into a “Barbie” doll for whom she will find the perfect “Ken” – which isn’t going to be Michael.


Michael Spofford - Alexandra’s son, Jennifer’s boyfriend

Age: Appearance of 18

Vocal Range: Middle C - top C above the stave

Main juvenile lead. Innocence with a wild edge. He has a non-conformity about him. He has a naivety and sweetness but finds his “cool” later on. Is more a friend to his mother than a son.


Clyde Gabriel - Felicia’s Husband

Age: 40-50

A pathetic downtrodden man, who is trapped in a loveless marriage. He’s having an affair with Sukie, yet your sympathy lies with him due to his relationship with Felicia.


Fidel - Darryl’s servant

Age: Immaterial

Physical extreme of exotic looks. “Not of this world”


Little Girl

Age: Appearance of 10-14

Vocal Range: Childlike soprano

Assists in the narration of the story, Exists outside the town and its’ characters. Is often present but not part of the story.



We require a range of people of various ages; strong acting and dance abilities preferred

Vocal range:  a mix of soprano (up to C above middle C), alto, tenor and bass (down to E below middle C)

Gina Marino - Joe’s wife, one of Felicia’s cronies

Brenda Parsley - Ed’s wife; one of Felicia’s cronies and the Minister’s wife; takes over Felicia’s position when killed

Greta Neff - Raymond’s wife; one of Felicia’s cronies; Church, city council and housewife

Marge Perley - Homer’s wife; real estate agent, town gossip friends with Eudora; constantly eager to gain Felicia’s approval

Joe Marino - Gina’s husband; handsome and fancied by many of the town’s women; having an affair with Alex

Raymond Neff - Greta’s husband; a mousey school principal; quite camp; strong actor/singer

Toby Bergman - Works at the library; contemporary of Michael; handsome/cute

Ed Parsley - Church minister; a good man, but disenfranchised from his jog; not in touch with his faith anymore; however it is convenient for him as he feels too old to start another career

Frank Ogden - Grocery store owner; friendly; caters to all the townsfolk

Rebecca - Waitress

Clare - An ordinary young school girl

Mavis Jessup - Cake decorator; contemporary of Jennifer; was the Homecoming Queen

Mabel Ogden - Franks’ wife and a bank teller. Frank and Mabel were high school sweet hearts; she knits in her spare time

Marcy Wills - Jennifer’s friend; still in high school; one year behind Jennifer; has a huge crush on Michael

Fanny Lovecraft - Owns the craft store; has lived in Eastwick all her life; quite bohemian; Alexandra could possibly grow up to be like her; has no alliances to anyone in the town

Eudora Bryce - Seamstress; wealthy widow; quite eccentric and knows everyone’s business

Curtis Hallybread - Michael’s friend; was Homecoming King; peaked in high school and realizes that life isn’t that great

Homer Perley - Marge’s husband; real estate agent; he and marge are a husband and wife duo; legs Marge run with all the contacts and eh does the books

Dr Henry Patterson - Town physician; privy to everything, but doesn’t tell; is a widower

Other townsfolk and lead dancers as required

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