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9 Oct 2019 to 12 Oct 2019

Siblingship follows the childhood journey of Daniel Assetta (The Book of Mormon, Wicked, Cats) and Chiara Assetta (Universal Monsters Live, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter), two real-life, all-singing, all-dancing, Italian-Australian siblings. Through classic show tunes and a splash of pop music, this dynamic duo explores the ‘rules’ that make the world’s most unique relationship work. Siblingship is a cabaret for everyone who ever fought with, told secrets to, stood up for, laughed and cried with, absolutely couldn’t stand - but always loved and could never live without - their siblings.

“Creating a show that captures the relationship that I have with my sister, Chiara, has been a dream of mine,” said Daniel. “Chiara and I grew up in a close Italian family. I started singing and dancing from the age of four and Chiara quickly followed in my footsteps. Even though there are three years in the age gap between the two of us, we are each other’s best friends and I couldn’t imagine life without her. We have been through all the challenges and fights that siblings have but they always seem to be resolved through song and dance. We have been a double act since 1999, taking out the top prize in every talent show and having adults place their trust in a five and seven year old kid for the main entertainment at weddings and Italian festivals. We wanted this show to encompass the rules that we believe are imperative to live harmoniously as siblings and have shaped our Siblingship (which, believe it or not, Chiara actually thought was a word) in the hope that others will resonate with our stories and growing up as a competitive but loving brother and sister.”


Written by Tobias Madden, Daniel Assetta and Chiara Assetta

Directed by Scott Irwin & Danielle Barnes

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Approximately 60 minutes no interval
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