La Clemenza di Tito La Clemenza di Tito
National Opera
ANU School of Music - Llewellyn Hall
10 Apr 2021 to 17 Apr 2021
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Duration - Approx 150 minutes including interval


(includes spoilers)

One of Mozart’s last operas, La clemenza di Tito (The clemency of Titus), is a story of friendship and forgiveness triumphing over jealousy and violence.

The new emperor of Rome, Tito, is much loved by the Roman people, with the exception of Vitellia the daughter of the previous Emperor. When her attempts to return to her rightful place on the throne through marriage are unsuccessful, Vitellia plots Tito’s assassination and enlists the help of her young admirer, Sesto. Sesto is close friends with Tito, but will do anything to gain the affections of Vitellia, so agrees to her plans. He sets fire to the Capitol, intending to trap Tito inside and kill him. 

The plot fails but Sesto is wracked with guilt. He admits his guilt to Tito and faces execution. 

Vitellia rushes to Tito  help save Sesto and to admit her part in the plan.

Tito forgives them both and the Roman people rejoice in their compassionate and merciful Emperor.




Artistic Team
Ylaria Rogers
Dane Lam
Leonard Weiss
Tobias Cole
Mark Dyson
Victoria Hopkins
Eleanor Greenwood
Mikayla Tate
Andrew Collis
Jason Bensen
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