The Full Spread -A Christmas Musical
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The Full Spread -A Christmas Musical

6 Dec 2022 to 11 Dec 2022

A Territory Christmas Story featuring the Choir of Man

WRITER: David Garnham
DIRECTOR: Gail Evans

Gus loves Christmas. It’s a big deal in his family. And this is his first year hosting Mum. He’s gonna get the full spread - the turkey, the prawns, the ham, the lamb, the trifle, the pav, the pud.

He’s striving to be a good man in a modern age. But it can get a bit hard when he’s surrounded by the boys club at the betting agency. Big Cam, the top dog, rules with an iron dick. And the office hasn’t seen a women since, well, ever.

That is until the arrival of Freya, their new HR manager from Brissie. She’s coming for Big Cam - and Gus is smitten. Maybe he can meet her under the mistletoe at the staff party…

With a choir of blokey angels watching his every move, will Gus provide the pudding or find the true spirit of Christmas?

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