Owl and The Albatross Owl and The Albatross
Ryan Hamilton
Theatre Works
Theatre Works
1 Jun 2022 to 11 Jun 2022
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Duration - 60 Minutes
Recommended for ages 12+, mild coarse language, references to war, environmental collapse, mental health, anxiety, includes depictions of drowning and possible suicide

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How the hell are you meant to figure out who you are while the world is on fire around you?

The year is 2023. The sky is filled with smoke and for a kid with asthma, you haven’t got a chance in the city. So you get sent to live with your grandad, a boring old man who lives in a lighthouse by an ocean filled with rubbish and a baby albatross with no one to look after them.

So you fight for justice. But how are you meant to fight when the adults who can make a difference don’t care at all? And how can you possibly save the world when you’re barely staying afloat yourself?

Written for early secondary students, OWL AND THE ALBATROSS is a love letter from queer young adults who missed out on seeing their stories growing up—stories with queer kids who don’t like being told who they are and what their name is and now they have something to say.

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Owl and The AlbatrossOwl and The Albatross
Theatre Works
Show finished on 11 Jun 2022
Ryan Hamilton
Tickets - $27.50 - $42.50
Duration - 60 Minutes
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