Wrecked All Productions presents

30 Nov 2022 to 10 Dec 2022

When and how do many voices become one?
What happens when they do?
When does group become herd?
And how do we tell communal stories for an endlessly heterogeneous group of people?

HERD is a new work of queer music theatre.

Springing off Lachlan Philpott’s 21-year-old play BISON, this new work expands outwards, opening up from its original metaphor for the gay male herd to consider herding and herdlike behaviours, kinship, discrimination and isolation in the wider LGBTQIA+ community.

HERD lays claim to queer history, insisting it be visible and seeking to memorialise those lost to stigma, illness, violence and ignorance. An unapologetic provocation for our times, HERD sharply examines what it means to be part of ‘the queer community’.

Are we all in it together?

HERD received development support through the GreenHouse National Artists Residency program, delivered by HotHouse Theatre in partnership with Albury City and Murray Arts.

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85 Minutes