Erth's Prehistoric World Erth's Prehistoric World
Erth Visual and Physical Inc.
Cessnock Performing Arts Centre
1 Oct 2022 to 1 Oct 2022
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All tickets $25.00
Duration - 55 Minutes
Fog/smoke effects, loud noise, dinosaurs. Recommended for children 5+

Tour Dates and Locations
1 Jul 20222 Jul 2022Clocktower Centre
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15 Jul 202216 Jul 2022Burnie Arts & Function Centre
Tickets & Sessions: $15.00 - $25.00 ...more
19 Jul 202220 Jul 2022Theatre Royal - Main Stage
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6 Aug 20226 Aug 2022Albany Entertainment Centre - Princess Royal Theatre
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27 Aug 202227 Aug 2022The Playhouse - Canberra Theatre Centre
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30 Aug 202231 Aug 2022Glasshouse Port Macquarie
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9 Sep 202210 Sep 2022Mackay Entertainment & Convention Centre (MECC)
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20 Sep 202221 Sep 2022Pilbeam Theatre
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1 Oct 20221 Oct 2022Cessnock Performing Arts Centre
Tickets & Sessions: All tickets $25.00 ...more
8 Oct 20228 Oct 2022Dubbo Regional Theatre And Convention Centre
Tickets & Sessions: $21 - $26 ...more
19 Oct 202220 Oct 2022The Concourse - Concert Hall
Tickets & Sessions: $10.00 - $29.00 ...more

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Bringing ancient creatures from land and sea together in one show, Erth’s Prehistoric World is the perfect combination of theatrical magic and charm.

It takes the audience to the bottom of the ocean to discover ancient bio-luminescent creatures and incredible marine reptiles, and then back to dry land to witness some of the most amazing dinosaurs to have ever walked this Earth...

Dinosaurs are a gateway to learning, inspiring young minds to consider an array of subjects from science to literature, geology to bio engineering, and natural history to mathematics. Dinosaurs have become a curious link between child and parent, grandparent, guardian and educator. The learning opportunities are immense.

Experience the creatures of your imagination coming to life on stage in this enthralling new show!

“Clever, beautifully constructed and hugely entertaining.”
- The Daily Telegraph

“an extraordinary spectacle.”

“Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo delivers solid science as well as an extraordinary spectacle”
- New York Times

“visual oomph to rival the Lion King”
- Chicago Tribune

"A delightful and educational date with the dinos”
- The Chicago Tribune (USA)

"Parents and grandparents seemed just as awestruck as the kids at the technical brilliance…”
- The Manchester Evening News (UK)

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