Rachal WarbyRachal Warby
Returning to musical theatre following a 10-year hiatus, Rachel has enjoyed being a part of this production alongside such a fun and talented cast and production team. She is especially proud to play both “Lick-Me-Bite-Me” and the “Beer Stein” showgirl but has had even more fun trying to explain how both these titles (and more!) fit into one, singular, musical – it really does have it all! The resident “New Yorker” and with a background in speech pathology, Rachel has enjoyed weighing in on rhyming patterns of certain phrases in the show such as “hotsy totsy Nazi” and the American pronunciation of “duke”. She would like to thank her husband, Ed, for his constant encouragement and support and her parents back in the states for instilling a love of all things Mel Brooks from a young age. A huge thank you, especially, to everyone who made this production possible!

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The ProducersThe Producers
Show finished on 26 Oct 2019
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