ActorSilvana Moro
ACT, Canberra
Age : 31
Occupation : Management Consultant
Silvana jumps back into the foray after a 10-month sojourn to the Northern Hemisphere where she completed a year of her studies and took part in what became an unintentionally gender-bender production of The Pillowman at Richmond, The American International University in London because there really is 'No Place Like London'.
Before heading overseas, she stepped in as pit singer, crew member, and front of house for Catch Me If You Can because she refused to sit around and 'Wait', was a magical mermaid 'By the Sea' in The Little Mermaid, one of many 'Pretty Women' in the ensemble of Grease, in 'The Contest' to be one of the top 5 ex-girlfriends in High Fidelity, and a Bird Girl, though not a 'Green Finch [or] Linnet Bird', in her first out-of-school-production, Seussical The Dr Seuss Musical.
When not at the theatre, it's a 'City on Fire' as Silvana juggles her final semester of her Bachelor of Writing, working at a café and her internship in publishing. While most of her haggard appearance on stage can be attributed to the makeup ladies, at least part of it is due to her unsustainable schedule. Be sure to give her a hug after the show.

Shows Silvana Moro has been in

Be More ChillBe More Chill
Gungahlin College Theatre (ACT)
Show finished on 27 Mar 2021
Budding Theatre
Roles - Brooke Lohst - Red Cast
The ProducersThe Producers
Gungahlin College Theatre (ACT)
Show finished on 26 Oct 2019
Dramatic Productions
Roles - Shirley Markowitz, Ensemble
High FidelityHigh Fidelity
ANU Arts Centre (ACT)
Show finished on 21 Feb 2015
Phoenix Players
Roles - Sarah, Chorus
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