The Haunting The Haunting
Dark Stories
Don Bank Museum
10 Jun 2021 to 19 Jun 2021
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MA15+ $34 Per Person
Duration - 55 mins
Not suitable for children

Tour Dates and Locations
10 Jun 202119 Jun 2021Don Bank Museum
Tickets & Sessions: $34 Per Person ...more
10 Jun 202119 Jun 2021Don Bank Museum
Sessions: Session Info ...more
17 Jun 202219 Jun 2022Sketchley Cottage
Tickets & Sessions: General Admission ...more
8 Jul 202210 Jul 2022Woodford Academy
Tickets & Sessions: General Admission ...more
19 Aug 202221 Aug 2022Miss Traill's House
Tickets & Sessions: $36 ...more
2 Sep 20224 Sep 2022Gold Coast Hinterland Heritage Museum
Tickets & Sessions: General Admission $34 ...more
16 Sep 202218 Sep 2022Calala Cottage
Tickets & Sessions: General Admission ...more

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Have you encountered a ghost before?

Do you dare to lay an unhappy spirit to eternal rest?

Uncover the mystery of a murderous past, all the while navigating the possessed corridors of an old haunted cottage plagued by the madness of spirits still clinging to their mortal shells.

Tales of men gone mad, sightings of a ghostly woman in white, and laments whispered on the wind. This house must be exorcised. Can you succeed where those who entered before have failed?

Your escort? A mysterious priest offers to guide you on your way through the night. Solve the mystery and lay this spirit to rest if you can.

Just because you’re in the audience doesn’t mean you’re safe.

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Dark Stories
Tickets - General Admission
Duration - 55 minutes
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Dark Stories
Tickets - General Admission
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